Augmented reality has increasing become known with now three major hardware players underway and a number of software toolkits to facilitate application creation. Meanwhile surgical simulation has been increasingly incorporated into device and procedural training with a broadening of use areas as well as in the sophistication of the computational physics and haptic interaction devices used with these experiences. Surgical simulation, at times referred to less precisely as virtual reality, is already mandatory for surgical robotics training and is widely used in endoscopic and catheter procedure training. A few examples of combining AR with surgical simulation have been created and these will be increasingly deployed in multiple areas. I will talk about a couple of these type projects that I led including an interesting ear microsurgery simulator built for a medical device company and will sadly never see commercial use due to the demise of the product it was built to support. I’ll also discuss current and expected future developments in AR/VR relative to the expanding field of surgical robotics.