What's Your Role?

We welcome you to join the Hackathon! Participate as a designer, developer or artist on a team and compete for prizes. We also have roles for Mentors, Judges, Workshop leaders, and other Volunteers.

Hackathon Participant

The Reality, Virtually Hackathon will apply the skills of designers, developers,graphic artists and sound/video engineers learned building the most popular apps in the field of gaming and entertainment to vertical markets such as medical, education, advertising, architecture, engineering and construction. We will have an OpenGL and Vulkan native programming track to emphasize mobile AR/VR. We are expecting 300 - 400 participants from MIT, other universities and the local and national developer community 


If you have VR and/or AR design, development, graphic artist, or sound and video engineering skills and would be available to mentor teams facilitating their best performances, please follow the link below and complete the form so we know who you are. 


We will have a big field of participants and will need a few teams of judges. You don't have to be a developer to be a judge. We'd like a diverse team of judges versed in design, development, research and business. If you would be available to judge, please complete the same form below.

Workshop Leaders

If you would be available to give a workshop on a relevant topic, please complete the same form. 

Event Volunteers

If you'd like to be on the team that delivers the largest VR/AR ackathon to date, please fill out the same form