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Grand Prize in VR
Sponsor: HP

With VR and AR, we can both mimic the stressful situations that trigger your physical and vocal nervous ticks, and give you real time feedback to help you eliminate them. Additionally, we can put you in the shoes of the great public speakers in history, and teach you the vocal and physical delivery that made their speeches great.

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Grand Prize in AR
Sponsor: AT&T

An easily accessible AR tool for clothing patterns and creation. Making clothes is a complicated nightmare. With AR, it can be a breeze! It's time to modernize a method in use since 1860.

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Grand Prize in WebVR
Sponsor: Samsung NEXT

Moving is stressful. But what if you were a child forced from your home by a natural disaster or by political unrest? In Syria, thousands of children have lost their homes because of war and have been forced to live in refugee camps as a result. Many are seeking asylum with their families in a new country without knowing the language or customs. We aim to ease the transition of this cultural shock with our multi-platform WebVR application: CulToure.

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Second Price in VR
Sponsor: HTC

We believe in mobilizing every elderly patient in the country. Hospitals have tried a lot of different methods to get the elderly or the sick to get up and move around during long visits to the hospital or long term care. What HOVR wants to accomplish is to utilize VR technology by encompassing their body and movement in a VR experience in other areas of the country.

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Best Everyday Mobile Hacks

Sponsor: Samsung NEXT

Team 2

First Place

Currently, Mobile augmented reality (AR) technology doesn’t provide a solution for creating shared AR experiences. With our platform, mobile AR developers and designers can create a new class of AR experience where multiple collaborators can engage in a shared space. This has rich applications in education, collaborative working, prototyping, to name a few.

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Getting Around

Second Place

Independent living and traveling by people with disabilities have always been a challenge. This is especially true for the visually impaired population. The Augmented Reality app ARound equips all its users to independently navigate spaces by augmenting sounds of places, objects, and activities. In its current state the app functions using three modes

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Third Place

Luminate elevates the experience of making digital monetary donations. Luminate allows anyone to send funds and inspirational messages in a virtual lantern to a geo-tagged fundraising location. Using Augmented Reality, recipients in that designated area can then explore the lanterns in real time with their mobile device.

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Theme Category Prizes


1st Prize in Healthcare and Medicine

Triloka blends the three realms of the virtual, physical and the spiritual world to help the user address and overcome all the negative feelings that are a result of depression. The user goes through a series of interactions that help him prevail over his loneliness, sadness, guilt, disinterest in daily activities, inability to concentrate, and the feeling of hopelessness. Various environments, including a forest where people share their depression stories around a bonfire, a virtual therapist who suggests activities to help overcome depression, an exciting canoeing encounter that helps bring back the user's interest in fun activities, a peaceful mountain environment to encourage meditation, all the while listening to soothing music and a mood reflecting sky, adds to this therapeutic experience.

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1st Price in Film and Entertainment

The viewer is a voyeur in the story of two lifelong friends sharing intimate memories of the house dog who almost tore them apart, but ultimately brought them closer together. Our country’s nuclear arsenal is hair-triggered to a Tweet. We think the future of humanity relies on inventing a new way to communicate; one that allows people to share nuanced, empathetic, honest and vulnerable experiences, not short sharp words. We’ve built the first step: a cinematic VR story that lets the viewer hear what others leave unsaid, and see what others hide inside. 

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1st Prize in Gaming / Entertainment

This is the story of Action Bear created by Mego in 1949, a forward-thinking but now defunct toy company. Action Bear was a new toy intended to make children feel safe in their homes in light of cold war hysteria.

As Action Bear you puzzle your way out of a toy factory to the real world, adding and removing body parts as you go. Pick limbs up and try out their powers. Hold your eyeball in your hand to peek around a corner. Discover if you have a heart. Explore identity, cybernetics, body dysmorphia and what it means to be embodied.

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Getting Around

1st Prize in Education, AR & AR For Good


Team 2

1st Prize in Architecture, Engineering, Construction

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Sponsor Category Prizes


Best Object Augmentation
Sponsor: Vuforia

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Best Microsoft Mixed Reality Project
Sponsor: Microsoft


Anonymous Raccoons

Best Use of MergeVR
Sponsor: MergeVR



Best Use of MergeVR, 2nd Prize
Sponsor: MergeVR


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Social Media
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Best Use of Theta Camera
Sponsor: Ricoh


Collaborative Leader Award

Sponsor: Facebook

Imen Maaroufi

Anandana Kapur