Conference Program - The Future of AR and VR

Host: Arne Hessenbruch - Partner, Muninsight, Lecturer, MIT

Monday October 9, 2017 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM (Preliminary)


11:00 AM Topic 1 - AR and VR today

A state of the nation update

Each panelist speaks for 10 minutes  Followed by a 20-minute panel

Moderator: Jacob Lowenstein - Manager Business Development and Product Strategy Samsung Next

Varun Mani - CTO and Founder Waypoint Labs, Reality Virtually 1st Place 2016 and Harvard Business School Candidate

Shannon Norrell - VR Evangelist, HP

Callie Leone - CEO Founder Braver Labs

12:00 PM Break

1:00 PM

Topic 2 - AR and VR in the predictable future

Think along the lines of the NSF classification of research between blue sky and development. This talk and panel would focus more on research that is in the development stage, early release or first product. Not perfectly predictable, however, we might see the technology leave the lab in one or three years. Hear what innovators predict will be impactful an relevant in the near future.

James Hamet: Lead Engineer at Neurable Lead Developer Neurable

Laszlo Gombo - Director Samsung Research America

Mike Festa Director Wayfair Next

Jinha Lee Co-Founder Chief Product Officer, TED Fellow

Moderator:  Scott Greenwald

2:00 PM Topic 3 - AR and VR, a futurist's view

This is the opposite of Topic 2 because it is not tied to scientific research. It is a meta-perspective of people who have synthesized the present and research with a vision for AR and VR that is not tied to research or development, nor has a fixed delivery date.

Each panelist speaks for 10 minutes  Followed by a 20-minute panel

Amy Korte - Principal Arrow Street

Christopher Morley - Dell, Public Relations Senior Advisor

Jim Novack - CEO, Talent Swarm & Dynatec

Osamah Choudhry: Co-founder and CEO,  MediVis

FY Zhu: Holojam, Co-founder and creative Technologist

Gavin Finn - CEO, Kaon Interactive

Rus Gant - Director, Harvard Visualization Research and Teaching Lab

Dan Novy, Ph.D. -  MIT Media Lab

Amber Case - MIT Media Lab, Research Fellow

Fengyuan Zhu -

Moderator: John Werner