Chris Lowery (Fasility)
Kathy Trogolo (Fasility)

MIT Student Center, Room 307

A-Frame is an extension of HTML created with JavaScript, THREE.js, and open collaboration. It sits on top of the proposed WebVR standard, making it easier to access and promoting interoperability between the very different cardboard, mobile, and high end VR vertical markets.

We will look at A-Frame, its origins at Google and Mozilla, and THREE.js, the popular, free library A-Frame uses to talk to graphics cards via WebGL.

A-Frame’s code and community have grown quickly. Its openness, HTML and smart defaults have enabled mainstream web developers to get their feet wet, and even seasoned WebGL 3D developers have begun to use it as a reliable compatibility library. When the Web embraces a technology, it accelerates, gets adaptive, and goes mainstream. WebVR is just getting started. Thanks to A-Frame, it has the familiarity of HTML behind it, and a new generation of web developers learning a new medium that turns websites into nearly physical experiences.