Andre Balta (Cubic)
Carl Dungca (Cubic)

MIT Student Center, Room 307 (Mezzanine)

Gaming to training: How to build effective training experiences with Unreal Engine

Cubic will be presenting a workshop segment at the MIT Hackathon. The presentation will do a broad stroke on how game development applies to Virtual Training and Game Based Learning. The following topics will be covered:

  • Applications of Game Engines to Naval Training: 
  • Applying the “Studio” model to learning and training games
  • Using Game Design for Instructional System Design: The presenter will discuss how game “design thinking” can be used to design the most instructionally accurate learning product for the military. Game feature such as breadcrumbs, waypoints, and blowing objects can be used to enhance training.
  • Technical Challenges with Game Based Learning: The presenters will demonstrate key technical challenges faced on the IVSE and what developers did to work through them. This will be an under the hood look at the system and tools used. Topics will include challenges with level streaming, interactions between physics models and the engine, etc.
  • Additional “realities” for training”: The presenters will discuss concepts of how AR/VR/MR will be used to advance virtual training products.