Amadeo Mapelli, Max Harper

MIT Student Center, Room 491

In this workshop you'll learn:

  • The simple end-to-end process of build an engaging Simmetri VR experience
  • See the seamless workflow from Google Blocks/Tiltbrush into Simmetri (now you can animate and interact with your creations)
  • Learn about animating on timelines and building simple interactivity with Simmetri's Lua scripting interface
  • See the simple terrain controls and all the objects you can build to construct your world

Requires Windows: Windows PC or Mac Bootcamp installation
Simmetri Mentors will be on site all through Reality Virtually Hackathon.

The Simmetri VR creation engine empowered the grand prize winner of the 2017 SXSW VR Hackathon. 5 years in the making, this VR creation platform is designed from the ground up for artists and storytellers. Offering a creator-friendly user interface and features, Simmetri empowers storytellers, designers and VR imagineers to rapidly build and experiment.  Create through experimentation and play, and unleash your imagination. That's what Simmetri wants to help you do.