TK Tone, Ricoh Theta Product Manager, North America.

MIT Student Center, Room 307

TK will cover the new Ricoh Theta V best-selling 360° camera. The Theta V utilizes the open source Open Spherical Camera (OSC) API, supported by Google. He will also show multiple interesting possibilities for adding 360° to your MIT hackathon project, including importing 360° video (from file) in Unity, building a static 360° VR image gallery using JavaScript A-Frame, and testing the new 360° spatial audio. (The THETA V includes 4 microphones, spatial audio works on YouTube and Ricoh apps.) Also including demo live streaming 360° using Unity and connecting to and controlling the Theta V using a Raspberry Pi.

The workshop will be an overview of the camera’s capabilities and will point to easy-to-use tutorials online that can be referenced over the weekend to get you up and going quickly. The same site will be open for Q&A support. More information is available here: